Peter Trott designs and builds Von Trott lamps in his bush studio in Lauriston, central Victoria. Peter works as a Set Dresser for film and television and has grown up with a love of timber and anything old or reclaimed.“Amazing things can be made out of unwanted timber if it’s given enough time and energy. I love the feeling of making something refined out of rusty and weathered materials”.
Von Trott lamps are built out of reclaimed hardwood. Used in conjunction with recycled oil filters, these materials bring a simplicity to the lamp designs. The oil filters are built out of high grade steel to cope with the extreme temperatures created by engines. These filters are given a second life when they are cleaned up, offering amazing design elements in their new role. New vintage style cloth cord is imported from the U.S to add to the warm and tactile look of these lamps as well as brass fittings from the UK. Each individual lamp is hand made out of selected timber to complement the overall colors in the lamp. Small imperfections in the timber and dints in shades are evidence of the materials previous lives and are considered a part of the items appeal and charm.
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